Spring Data and JPA Tutorial

Welcome to the Spring Data and JPA Tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to see how Spring Data provides complete abstraction over the DAO layer. We don’t need to write the implementation for the
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Spring Boot Rest Service

Tutorial on developing first Spring Boot Rest Service example. See how quickly you can start your own RESTful service with the help of Spring Boot.

Spring Boot Multiple MongoTemplates

Spring Boot Multiple Mongo Templates describes way to inject more than one mongo templates or any other objects created by auto configuration.

Java 8 Streams – Laziness and Performance

This Java 8 Streams Laziness and Performance describes how lazy streams helps improve performance. Understand Java 8 Streams performance optimisation and short circuit methods.

Understanding Java 8 Streams API

This article helps Understanding Java 8 Streams API. Learn what are streams, how different they are from Collections, stream operations, behaviours with simple examples

JSR 310 Part 3 : Java 8 Date and Time API

Java 8 Date and Time API is modified. Learn about what has changed and how better it is compared to old API or Joda Time API. Explained in detailed with examples.

JSR 310 Part 2 : Joda Time API

In this series of understand Java 8 Date and Time API, let’s have a looks at what is Joda Time API and how it is different than old date and time API. This will help us understand how better Java Date and Time API is.

Introduction to Java Preferences API

Java Preferences API is quite old and not so famous feature in Java. However, it is really powerful. Learn about how Java Preferences API helps storing User or System preferences with the help of detailed examples.

Java 8 Collections API Enhancements

Learn about Java 8 Collections API Enhancements. Java’s biggest change ever to its Collections API. Since inception, Java Collections APIs, back by interfaces, were unchanged. Java 8 introduced concept of default methods in interfaces to achieve this modification.

‘At First Sight’ With Closures in Java

Java 8 has exciting features like Closures, and Lambda Expressions. In this article we will look deeper into what is a Lambda expression and how Java supports it. All the concepts are explained with detailed examples

Introduction to Fork Join Framework

Learn about Java Fork Join Framework, how it works, what is Work Stealing Algorithm, how it makes use of multi-core capabilities and how parallelism is different than concurrency. The concept is explained in-detailed with thorough examples