Java 8 Streams – Laziness and Performance

This Java 8 Streams Laziness and Performance describes how lazy streams helps improve performance. Understand Java 8 Streams performance optimisation and short circuit methods.

Understanding Java 8 Streams API

This article helps Understanding Java 8 Streams API. Learn what are streams, how different they are from Collections, stream operations, behaviours with simple examples

Java 8 Collections API Enhancements

Learn about Java 8 Collections API Enhancements. Java’s biggest change ever to its Collections API. Since inception, Java Collections APIs, back by interfaces, were unchanged. Java 8 introduced concept of default methods in interfaces to achieve this modification.

‘At First Sight’ With Closures in Java

Java 8 has exciting features like Closures, and Lambda Expressions. In this article we will look deeper into what is a Lambda expression and how Java supports it. All the concepts are explained with detailed examples